MSgt David Wells

2010 - 2011

I first started with the Air Force Sergeant’s Association (AFSA) on August 28, 2001 while I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath Air Base in England as a Unit Training Manager with Chapter 1669.  I was recruited by my Superintendent and immediate supervisor. I had been in the Air Force at this point over 10 years and had not heard of AFSA.  I am so appreciative to Chief’s Mark Brotherton and Burt Hillman for introducing me to the Association.  I was immediately vaulted into an officer position as the Chapter Chaplain a position I held for two consecutive years.  After I completed this position I relocated to Ellsworth Air Force Base (AFB) in December 2004 where I again immediately jumped into involvement with the 951 AFSA Chapter as an active member.  Eventually I was elected at the Secretary of the chapter.  After serving as the chapter Secretary I was elected as the Chapter President in 2010-2011.  The reason why I originally started with the Association was because I was tired of Congress taking away our benefits and not being able to do anything about it.  Once I learned about the mission of AFSA I became a lifetime member, so my voice could be heard.  My passion is helping people!  One of my favorite memories was hosting the Division 89/3 Conference and of course the all of the activities we did in the community and on Ellsworth AFB.